Monday, October 1, 2012


Today is October first. I love October, it's my favorite month. I love the cooler weather, the pumpkin taste in everything around, and just fall in general.

This October is especially meaningful as it makes one year since I discovered I carry the BRCA 1 gene. Kind of ironic that I found out during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I still remember the day I called the doctor to get my results. Deep down I knew what they were going to be, but hearing her say that I was positive was absolutely heart wrenching. I remember sitting at my desk at work surrounded by my co-workers crying as hard as I ever remember crying.

A lot has happened in a year. I made up my mind to have the preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction. I had the surgery. And I survived and have been healing nicely from it.

So here is to many more anniversaries and many more Octobers. I will cheers to that with a nice pumpkin spice latte!

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  1. Hi Kim, I have the blog called boob tube that you used to follow. I have some new posts if you're interested. If you have implants, please go read them. thank you!